Rig Trip Report
                                                                            May 22,2012:
 Water temp: 80    Visibility: looked to be around 10'. Water was a nice deep green,but didn't look all that diveable.
 Myself and Dave Henny fished the inshore rigs this day, but did not dive. I will however give a report to inform everyone of the species we encountered. Heading out of Packery channel, the first thing we noticed were the numerous packs of birds diving at the water. This of course signaled to us that bait fish were being pushed to the surface. As we approached, we could see fish busting the surface in frenzied chaos everywhere. These ended up being Bonito, but were fun to catch non-the-less. This was going on for as far as the eye could see right off the beach. We also encountered a large Manta free swimming at the surface about 2 miles from the beach. Once at the nearshore rigs, we tied up and caught Bluefish and many small Red Snapper. Unfortunately, all but one of the snapper were 14" (legal size for state waters being 15"). The Triggerfish were simply murderous when trying to get a bait to the bottom. We caught one Cobia that measured out at about 34"(37" being legal) and released him to be caught another day. While fishing on bottom, 2 very large Cobia made an appearance, but disappeared before we could toss them a tempting morsel. About an hour later, I spotted them again and pointed them out to my fishing partner, who immediately made a perfect toss of a live pony mullet in their direction. Both fish made a b-line for the bait and Dave was soon hooked up to one of them. Not one to miss an opportunity, I tossed my live bait to the second fish and was soon hooked up as well. Great double header, but it made boating the fish a rather tricky predicament. We did eventually boat both fish and decided to call it a day. Upon our return, the fish were weighed and determined to be 60lb and 30lb respectively. All by noon. Great day overall!
                                                                      By: Sean Allison
                                                        Dave Henny with 60lb Ling / Me with 30lb Ling
                                  August 21, 2011:

 This was a group of 6 divers, and we dove 2 different rigs in about 90' of water. Visibility was 100' down to a depth of 70', and below that visibility was about 2'. Seas were about as good as you could ask for and currents were light. We saw many Triggerfish, Atlantic Spadefish, Blue Runners, Barracuda and Lookdowns as can be expected, and also saw schools of Gray Snapper, plenty of Red Snapper, a few Cobia(Ling), a very large Grouper, an abundance of Rock Hinds(small groupers), several Bonnethead sharks freeswimming outside the rig and the usual small Blennies and Damselfish going about their business in the barnacles. Cant wait to get back out there again!
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