SCUBA Equipment

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Looking for SCUBA equipment? We have what you need from Buoyancy Compensators and Regulators to Spear Guns and O'rings and everything in between from Scubapro, Snorkelpro, Sub Gear, Oceanic, Zeagle, Deep See, Trident, XSscuba, H2Odyssey, Ikelite, Sea Life, Atlan, JBL, Riffe, Amphibious Outfitters, Sharkskin, Lavacore, Aeroskin and more. We also service a variety of equipment. Come check us out!
                     From BC's and Regulators                                       to Wetsuits and Travel Gear
         Dive Computers, Consoles and Gauges            to Steel and Aluminum Cylinders in Various Sizes
                        Masks, Fins and Snorkels                        to Lights, Cameras, Accessories and More....

                                    SUPER SPECIALS   
                              Scubapro Aladin Square Computer                               Scubapro Meridian dive computer
                                      Reg.$449  NOW $299.95!                                                 Reg.$529  NOW $264.50

                   (03)Analox Oxygen/Helium Analyzer                                            (04)Sartek Tec Light / 4hr Burn Time
                       Retail $999,
$699, now $599                                  Retail $795, $399, now $299

                                   Zeagle Express travel BC                                   Zeagle Octo+, power inflator/safe second
                            $599 retail, $299, now $199.95        
                      retail $225, $100, Now $75

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