Cozumel Report
                 Cozumel, Mx. trip reports
                       April 11-14, 2014 (Fri-Mon)

The first day in Cozumel, Mexico, we all completed our open-water dive and snorkel skills. The following morning, we boarded the boat and ventured out to Chankanaab Shallow Reef. We saw an abundance of marine life and the coral was stunning. We also saw huge lobsters and a number of colorful reef fish. Later that day, we traveled to Palancar Gardens Reef. One of my favorite aspects of this particular reef were the extremely colorful coral canyons and swim-throughs.
The following morning we ventured to the Felipe minesweeper wreck, which was once a Mexican Navy minesweeper that had been sunk in 2000. We were able to go inside the various rooms of the ship. This was my first wreck dive and it was absolutely fascinating. Next, we traveled to the Columbia Deep Reef. This reef was my favorite because of the towering reefs that drop off into the abyss. I also loved the decorated swim-throughs that we weaved in and out of seeing beautiful, soft coral and sponges of all colors. At this particular reef, I saw a medium sized stingray, Texas sized lobsters, and an abundance of other colorful reef fish. Also, on ascent I saw a beautiful sea turtle cruising close by us. You are in God's aquarium that looked like what I thought was an underwater garden of Eden. On the last dive of the day, we traveled to Tormentos Reef. This particular reef had beautiful overhangs and crevices teeming with more Texas sized lobsters, rich colorful coral and an abundance of small reef fish. This dive was unfortunately the last dive of the trip. :(
Throughout each day of the trip, except for the first day of dive and snorkel skills, the water was calm, the average temp of the water 80 degrees F, and visibility was at least 75'. I was so impressed with the pristine condition of all the reefs we were fortunate enough to visit. The bright colors of the coral, sponge and marine life were absolutely stunning. I had no idea lobsters could grow to that size! The boat we travelled on throughout the trip was more than adequate and the staff were all accomodating with towels, food, and were on-point to change out our air tanks after each dive. We were given a safety briefing from the Divemaster before each dive, ensuring that we all planned our dive prior to anyone entering the water. Mr. Copeland orchestrated such an awesome trip and his energy was endless. Sean, a Dive Con., watched over us throughout every dive ensuring our safety, comfort, and ease while under water. The boat was large enough to comfortably fit us all with professional, friendly staff assisting us without being prompted to do so - they were paying attention. We could not have had better accomodations and the food was wonderful - I recommend the tasty coconut grouper. This trip was amazing, fun and affordable. I now understand why my father told me that Cozumel had the most beautiful, clear water that he had ever seen and had dived.
Thank you Mr. Copeland and the Copeland's Scuba diving staff that made it all possible for us to experience God's underwater garden of Eden in Cozumel, Mx. :)

                                                                  Story by: Toni Weist    

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