Mammoth Lake Report
                                                          MAMMOTH LAKE

Ever had the desire to dive a submarine, a jet airplane, and multiple wrecks? Think you have to go to Truk Lagoon to dive them? Not anymore. The visibility may not be as good as Truk Lagoon, but the new dive site 'Mammoth Lake' has all of these and a lot more to dive. Among other things, there are sunken buses, fire trucks, metal art sculpture; such as turtle, a giant King Kong and of course, a couple of mammoths. This new lake is approximately 3 hours from Corpus Christi. The lake gets its name due to the discovery of mammoth fossils unearthed in 2003. The lake started as a sand pit in the early 1950's. During the removal of the sand and clay to be sold, an excavator discovered two mammoth tusks which led to a dig by Texas A&M. The dig led to findings of the remains of 2 mammoths, giant 3 toed sloth's, bison, camels, a 5' tall armadillo and an old wooden bowl believed to be over 4,000 years old. The lake has been filling since Dec. 2006 and just opened for diving in 2008. The maximum depth is about 60 feet, but the average is 35 feet.

                       Checkout Dives Oct 20/21, 2012
Students who attended were Eric Herbert, Malanie Duchateau, Skylie Hingle, Bonnie Sanchez, Eric Rutkowski, and Robert Chadis. Great job guys!
           September 22/23, 2012 Checkout Dives:
 Checkout weekend went great. Those who attended were Matt Streich, Adrian Bandolon, Mike Hastings, Linda Polderman, Chas Downey and David Jaklitsch. Photos from this weekend posted below.

                Misc. pictures from Mammoth Lake

                                      'Texas Oldest Dive Shop Visits Texas Newest Dive Site'
Copeland's had the unique opportunity to celebrate our 50-year anniversary by having a dive in at Mammoth lake June 15,2011. About 30 people from Corpus Christi all had a day of diving, sunshine, hot dogs and lots of cake. I personally plan on going back soon.

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