Jetty Report
         This is a report for the Port Aransas North and South Jetties.
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                                          July 21, 2013:
                                          Water temp: 85       Visibility: 4'-5'
 Dived channel side to 40'. Current was strong. Saw Arrow Crab and shot 2 Gray Snapper.

                                                                      JULY 22, 2012 (sun):
Water temp: 84  Wind: SE@6-15, Tide: low/rising, Weather: sunny-upper 90's

Dive 1 was done around 9am and was done off the rocks by the MSI pier. Vis was about 2'-3'. Saw a mud eel, several scorpionfish, some small butterflyfish, juvenile lane snapper, blennies, sheepshead, atlantic spadefish, gray snapper, and even some small red snapper. We ended this dive before using most of our air due to a combination of the limited vis and our hunger. After this dive, we ate lunch, then returned to the jetty for a second dive. The second dive was done on the channel side as well, but was done closer to the beach in deeper water. We saw 4 or 5 octopi, sheepshead, gray snappers, atlantic spadefish, scorpionfish and the usual suspects. Vis on this dive was about 3'-4' during our decent to 45', but once at the channel edge, the vis cleared up to about 6'-8'. A light current was running along the edge, but it was quite manageable. This second dive was definitely better than the first. After this dive, we called it a day early and packed it up.
               Octopus                                    Octopus                                    Octopus
                Octopus                                  Anemone                                     Mud Eel

              Scorpion Fish                   Snail eating another snail

                               JUNE 10, 2012 (sun):
Water Temp: 84,  Wind: SE@10-15mph,  Tide: high/falling,  Weather: sunny-upper 90's

Prior to this weekend, the wind was quite persistent for about 2 weeks and the water was too dirty to dive. The wind laid down on Fri and Sat, giving the water a chance to clear up a little. I arrived in Port Aransas about noonish and the visibility looked good enough to get a couple of dives in. My guess on visibility before entering the water was about 8', but being that the wind was picking up by the minute, I knew it wouldn't last long. I assembled my gear and hit the water at the MSI pier. Visibility was about 4'-5' at the surface and the water was very milky looking. I dropped to the bottom and vis was now more like 2'-3'. Luckily for me, a nice Sheepshead swam right in front of my gun and a quick reaction on my part bagged me a fish. I did see a couple of more Sheepshead, but they were way too small. I also saw a lot of small gray snapper, but my sawed off magnum would have cut them clean in half, so I ended this dive with only the one fish. I made a second dive further down the jetty, but vis never got better than 2'-3'. Saw several small Sheepshead, many small Gray Snapper, a couple of Spotfin Butterflies, a couple of Wrasses, and a few perch. I'm certain I would have seen more had the water clarity been better, but given the conditions, I ended the day with the one fish. Maybe better luck next time.
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