We have a variety of used equipment for sale including regulators, BC's, computers,
                              cylinders, wetsuits, O2 analyzers and more.
     Special Tech Package: Only $599!!

                      This tech equipment retails for well over $2500 new and includes:
                          Halcyon SS back-plate with bottle holder, and Dive Rite shoulder/waist/crotch straps with D-rings

                                      OMS double-bladdered wing with dual power-inflators, 4 dump valves (2 per bladder)

                                                      SS doubles bands / Dive Rite 3500 HP Din valves with manifold

                                                                     DUI quick release weight-belt shoulder harness

       6cf, aluminum, 3000psi, Din "Argon" bottle / Oceanic SP4 Din 1st stg w/mini-gauge and PI hose for drysuit connection/filling

  Oceanic CDX5 Din 1st stg / Delta3 2nd stg / Oceanic Omega Octo, Double PI hoses, Oceanic console w/press/compass/temp

                             Buoyancy Compensators   


              (1URBCZXL1 SL) XL Zeagle Gulf w/Air2 - $599 ($894 new)                  (1UBC M/L2) Md/Lg Oceanic Tour Bioflex w/PI - $249



                  (100020R21) Scubapro Mk25/S600 - $449 ($766 new)                           (100020R22) Scubapro Mk25/S600 - $449 ($766 new)

   (1UREG MK7/G2)ScubaPro Mk7 (1st stg only) - $100 (Museum piece)                  (1UREG26) Oceanic Alpha 1st/2nd stg - $99                        

                            (1UREG2) USD SE2/Select - $250                            

                     (1UAII6) Scubapro 2nd gen Air2 - $5 + overhaul


                                                                        (1UT55) Yel St 30cf/2015psi (J valve) $59.00      

                   (1UT11)  Galv St 72cf/2250psi (J valve) $99.00                             (1UT08) Galv St 72/2250psi (Stem valve) $59.00

                                                                    (1UCOMP4) Uwatec Aladin Z Nitrox Wrist Computer
                                                                        with Transmitter and Memo Mouse - $299

         (1RCO9) Orca Skinny Dipper Mk2 Dive Computer - $59               (1RCO6) Orca Skinny Dipper Mk2 Dive Computer - $49

                                      (1USPEARGUN2) Aquacraft Bandito: 65", SS cable/barrel, breakaway tip, 3 band - $199


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